I am so grateful God allowed our paths to cross.  

She challenged me, made me laugh, and made me cry but most importantly she made me a better person.  There were days when I was so lost and confused, and had a heart full of pain.  But not once did I ever feel alone or that she would give up on me. She had an amazing balance of challenging me yet supporting me.  

Once I learned to fully trust and listen to her my life began to change. I gained clarity and, for the first time, understood and loved myself.   7 years later, I’m happily married with two kids.  I still struggle at times but Reema has equipped me with such great insight and the proper tools to cool the embers before they become a fire.  I am forever grateful for my life is truly better thanks to Reema.   


-Client B

From our first over the phone conversation, I knew Reema was the therapist for me. I could tell that from the beginning she made an effort to understand my background and my goals for the future, and she presented this excitement to tackle them together. 

She has been a great guide to helping me overcome life's hurdles, and she does so with great professionalism and poise. She makes me feel empowered, all in a safe space. 

It is easy to see that she goes above and beyond for her clients. I appreciate that she integrates different methods of therapy to find the best fit for me. Throughout my time with her, I've never felt judged, belittled, and most importantly I've never felt alone.

She made me excited and proud to be myself again. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone looking for therapy services.

- Client N

Reema Takla saved my life. I didn't believe that she would help me or that she could save me. 

Depression and anxiety ruled my life and it felt like there was no salvation with me, but just after my first appointment with Reema, I knew that she was the one who could help me. 

Reema changed my life and I will be forever grateful for the person I am today. 

-Client T

More coming soon...

More coming soon...

More coming soon...